Why Us

We've been in the printing business for over 40 years and have used a LOT of paper in that time. We KNOW paper and can offer any advice needed. Some of what we offer is:​ 

  • Cover weights
  • Text weights
  • Glossy Stocks
  • Vellum Finish Stocks
  • Too many colors to list
  • Envelopes to match many stocks
  • Special pricing for volume purchases
  • Friendly staff

The Jax Paper Co. story - 


Formed on March 1, 2012 Jax Paper Co. is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Creative Printing Place, Inc. which was founded in 1973. The opportunity arose to open the paper business when an international business closed the doors of it's local retail store. Knowing paper as we do from the printing business, we felt we could offer clients the expertise that they wanted when looking for papers to print on their office or home printers. The move has been a successful one with a tripling of the space for the paper store 18 months after our opening. We keep adding to our in stock items so if you haven't been in for awhile please stop in, if you like unusual papers we have some VERY cool, some limited availability, new papers for any aficianado of paper.  We enjoy helping clients find just the right paper for their projects and always try our best to come up with affordable solutions for everyone. We have almost 80 years of combined experience to help you with your choice.


Let us help you


With our printing business background we have a combined experience of almost 80 years of working with paper day in and day out. We can:


  1. Help you to choose the best paper for your project so that it looks the way you envisioned it when working on the design.
  2. We will work with you to make sure the size of stock you order is taking advantage of the equipment you are using to produce your project.
  3.  We can often offer helpful tips on less expensive ways to produce your project but still obtain the same look you had in mind.  
  4. For many of our clients we have produced part of their job, such as a report cover, while they produce the balance of the project and then either we or they can combine the different portions into the final piece saving money for the client but allowing them to use for instance a heavier cover stock than they can print on.

​Paper Expert Tips & Tricks

When setting up your printing project either for you or us to print there are are some things to keep in mind. If the image bleeds, goes all the way to the edge or edges of the paper, then you need to allow printing on oversized paper to be cut down after printing. We can cut for you if needed. Also, set up your art work with 1/8" extra image past where the trim will be so that we or you are not trying to cut right on the edge of the image. Most printing machines will have a little 'bounce' and from sheet to sheet will not be in exactly the same place. If you need more guidance we are more than happy to assist you with your project.

We are being guided by a second generation printer who was raised in the printing business. Jax Paper Co. and it's employees want you to get the best results from every project you are working on. That means we will take the time needed to find you the papers you are wanting for your projects. We are there to help you no matter your skill level. If you know what you need without any guidance, our goal is to help you get the paper in your hands so you can get working on your project without delay. If you need more help choosing the correct stock, we are there to put our decades of experience to work for you. We can advise on what papers will produce photos the best, what will show off a particular color the best, as well as what will probably not work that well. We have swatch books that show how different types of printing look on different colors and finishes just ask us to see them. Give us the chance to show you how much we want your business and you'll leave our shop with the paper you need and want!

Our Staff